Welcome to UGotGlass

This was originally a site where we offered How To articles for glass fusers, sold supplies and our own line of  patterned dichroic glass.  A few years ago Gregory was diagnosed with glaucoma so he cannot work on the patterned glass any longer. I’ve been focusing on my own glass jewelry and art business.  This site has been left to drift on without much attention. In addition to Gregory being  unable to work with  me on this any longer, we’ve both lost our mothers and had to deal with other family emergencies. This has negatively impacted our ability to take care of this site and you, our customers.

Over the last few years a few orders have trickled in and I’ve done my best to fill those I could from inventory on hand. Service has not been up to the standards I wished.  Finally I moved the site over here to a new host, a WordPress platform and removed the shopping cart.  WordPress is quicker and easier, and I wanted to get rid of the other host and consolidate all my sites in one place.

What are my plans for UGotGlass?

I’m not entirely sure. Since now it’s just me working on the glass business I don’t really have the  time to pull and pack supplies. I will be putting the How To articles back up. In addition I’m working on a series of articles on starting and running your own craft business.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been focused on please visit my art websites at:

NancyDaviesTang – My Painting, Glass Art & Jewelry

GlassOrchids- All my Glass creations: jewelry, dishes, art & accessories.

WinterRose.farm – my lavender and market garden farm

Here is my first new ‘How to’  article:

20 things to consider in starting a craft business.