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Silver Clay Kits!

Several options so there is sure to be one to fit your needs.

Our kits are no longer available. We will no longer be offering products from PMC Connection.


Silver Clay Kit




1 PMC3 Clay 16 grams, 1 PMC3 Syringe, 1 PMC3 Paste, Clay cleanup tool, double ball stylus, wire brush, rubber block and sanding/polishing materials.


Deluxe Silver Clay Kit  



1 PMC3 Clay 16 grams, 1 PMC3 Syringe, 1 PMC3 Paste, 1 PMC+ Sheet, our NEW 46 piece toolkit, Introduction to PMC by Mary Ann Devos (a great book with step by step instructions by the head of the PMC Connection.)




Essential Silver Clay Toolkit

Get everything you need to work with Silver Clay. Other toolkits don't include all the tools you need and do include some you really won't use. Nancy has compiled a list of tools you really need to work productively in Silver Clay. There may be some other tools that are nice to have but this kit has the essential tools that she uses on a daily basis! Includes a list of the tools and a description of what they are used for! Includes 46 pieces (not a stingy 11!).....including: Clay cleanup tool, tissue blade, box for tissue blade, needle tool, double ball stylus,, but not limited to: cleanup tool, tissue blade in box, needle tool, double ball stylus, burnisher, lucite block (better than a roller), paintbrush, sanding stix, metal scratch brush, rubber block, tweezers, scalpel, polishing pads, playing cards, straws, pointy cotton swabs, buffer and badger balm (multiples of some items, additional items may be added from time to time.)



Less than twice the price of the 11 piece kit (everyone else sells) with more than 4 times the tools!


Clay Assortment Kit



1 PMC3 16 gram clay, 1 PMC+ 18 gram clay, 1 PMC Standard 20 gram clay.



Prices subject to change w/o notice based on price fluctuations in the metals markets.

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