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Making a Polytail Holder



What you need:


  • Some glass cabs (or any flat thing really). These can be any size but it's reasonable to use something from around 3/4" up to 1 1/4".

  • Some elastic hair bands in colors that coordinate with your glass cabs (or other flat things)

  • Needle nose pliers

  • E6000 adhesive

  • Our ponytail findings:





1] Take one elastic band and place it in the 'L' of the finding. Pull it tightly against the finding by stretching it out the other way. At the same time (yes this is a bit tricky) take a pair of needle nose pliers and begin to flatten the finding closed. The elastic band should not be able to be removed or slide around.


2] The brass is strong so it takes a bit of elbow (or in this case thumb) grease to close.


3] Now you need to glue your cab (or other things) onto the finding. Put a small glob (technical term, see glossary for definition) of E6000 on the round flat part of the finding.... that's just enough to cover the finding but not so much that you're covered with glue*. Press the glued finding into the middle of the stone. Clean up any really gloopy parts sticking out.



NOTE: We sell a Ponytail holder kit that contains everything but the decorations and the pliers!


*The trick with E6000 is that you use enough but not too much. Not enough won't hold but this is gloopy stuff so too much will just be a mess. I have special glue clothes I wear when I'm in glue mode so I can constantly wipe my hands (yes Mom, on my shirt and pants). It's just more efficient that way. See my full article on using E6000 under HOW TO (click me).




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