Dichro Stones



Item Name/Description Price
PMC+ Clay 20 Grams $25.00
PMC3 Clay 20 Grams $25.00 
PMC+ Paste 20 Grams $25.00
PMC+ Syringe 10 Grams $17.00
Cork Clay $8.00
Butane Torch $55.00
Wire Brush Short Bristle $5.00
Wire Brush Long Bristle $5.00
Soft Sander Oval $1.50
Double Ball Stylus $2.50
11 Piece Took Kit $22.00
Rubber Block $4.50
Burnishing Tool $10.00
Clay Clean up tool $2.00
Cubic Zirconia (assorted colors) $1.00
Dichroic Glass Stones

Perfect for setting in PMC3 or PMC+

Do you use your PMC Kiln to fire dichroic glass as well? We now have GO Exclusive bead mandrels that will fit your smaller kiln. These are 5" long and will fit in most smaller kilns that hold a 5" - 7" kiln shelf. Custom sizes available as well.


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