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Using Your New Murrini Mold


What is a Murrini Mold anyway!!?? Well, it's a mold that is used to create small pattern bars with the intention of cutting them up into little patterns 'chips' which will be included in other fused pieces!

Noodles, stringer, strips of glass or frit can be stacked into each of the 7 channels and full fused leaving you with 7 small pattern bars. These are then cut up into little 'slices' using your glass cutter, saw, nippers or mosaic cutters. The mold is 6 1/4" x 6 1/8" x 3/4". The slots range from 1/4" to 1/2". Mold is ceramic.

A pattern bar is a 'log' of glass than is sliced crosswise, proving you with many similar slices of the embedded pattern. This is an ancient process used to make glass tiles for mosaics centuries ago. The image is seen crosswise....like a polymer clay cane (if you're familiar with those).


What you need:

Murrini Mold, Kiln wash, stringer, frit, noodles, art glass, glass cutter, breaking pliers. Optional: mosaic nippers, glass saw. (kiln of course)

1] Coat the mold with kiln wash. Let dry.

2] In the meantime, cut strips of art glass to fit into the strips (1/4" - 1/2") OR use noodles OR stringer.

3] Once the mold is dry, fill the channels with strips, noodles, stringer or frit in an array of pleasing colors.

NOTE: You'll need to 'block' the ends of the mold with fiber paper or small strips of kiln shelf, especially if you use frit but do it no matter what. I'll be adding more project photos shortly.

4] Full fuse.

5] Cut up into little murrini (chips) and use as desired. See ideas below...


Sample pattern bar made of blue and yellow strips cut from art glass.
Sample 'chip' cut from the bar above and an extra one.
Pattern bar made with strips of art glass (not made in this mold but a good example of related project)
'Chip' cut from pattern bar similar to that above. These would be fired and made into earrings OR placed together to create a dish, picture frame etc... and refired.


   Ideas for using Murrini (I'll add finished project pictures soon):

  1. Earrings (just cut chips, lay on ends, full fuse, glue posts, voila!)

  2. Use as decorative items in our Sushi dish project or to picture frames or other larger things.

  3. Lay chips side to side, clear cap, full fuse to create a murrini dish.





This project is still in progress but I wanted to post the basics because folks are asking..... I'll finish it ASAP!!



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