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Making a Dichroic Glass Bracelet

[draft....I'm still fine tuning but wanted to share sooner than later....]

Following these instructions you will be able to create a beautiful dichroic glass bracelet similar to the one shown here:

 dichroic glass bracelet (c)2004 Glass Orchids

What you need:

  • 10 pads with rings on both ends - Bracelet Chain
  • 1 Toggle Clasp
  • Jump rings (3 small, 1 larger)
  • Basic fusing supplies
  • Art glass & dichroic glass
  • E6000 (click for how to article on using this glue)
  • PURCHASE OUR BRACELET KIT NOW: includes the chain, 2 toggle clasps, jump rings and 1 tube of E6000 $33.75

*It takes 10 stones for most bracelets but you may need more or less depending on wrist size.

The stones in the sample bracelet are 2 layered - 1 layer of dichro on thin (1.5mm) black and 1 layer of standard clear (3mm). You can make them with 2, 3 or more layers as desired so experiment! The thing to remember is that the more layers you use, the bigger the stone will be so adjust the starting size of your glass.

Basic process:

Cut as many 1/2" squares of dichroic glass as you need. I always make extras just in case <smile>. Cut the same number of clear squares but make them a hair larger than the base pieces so that they round up nicely and the dichro doesn't wrap around the top of the clear (which it will do if the clear is too small).

Lay the dichroic squares on your kiln shelf. Place the clear squares over them. Fire to full fuse. Clean any kiln wash off of your stones. file (using a metal file) any shape thingies off the stones.

Disconnect 10, 11 or 12 links from the chain footage, depending on your wrist size. When we use the toggle clasp, we use 10 stones, when we use a foldover clasp (as shown above) we use 11 because the toggle adds length due to it's very nature. You should have a ring at each end of your bracelet. You will be connecting the toggles to those.

Lay the chain out straight (horizontally) in front of you. Get your glue ready. Arrange the stones over each of the places where you will glue them so you are happy with your color choice.

Take the first stone and put a dab of E6000 on it; don't use too much or it will squeeze out from under the stone and lock up the bracelet mechanism but don't use too little or the stone will pop off. There should be enough so it squeezes thru the hole in the base and forms a mechanical lock as well as a glue one. A photo of the gluing will be added here soon. Continue on until all the stones are on. Examine the stones to make sure they are all centered and even. Don't even look at the bracelet for 24 hours. After that, attach the toggle using jump rings. Remember that the bar needs to turn sideways and have enough length to pull all the way thru the ring... I use 3 jump rings on the bar.

NOTE: a note about stone arrangement - I see a lot of these bracelets out there made poorly. The stones don't match in size or shape and are not glued on neatly. It takes some effort to make sure the stones are selected properly from all the ones you've made AND to set them on the little spot so that they are all laying evenly. None should be turned a little to one side etc....

A note about stealing: I make these bracelets and sell them. I am sharing this information freely so you can make them too. Lots of folks do. All I ask is that you don't copy my color combinations.






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