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Iridescent Art Glass

3mm, Double Rolled, Fusible 8" x 10" pieces.

Please note that the images of the colors are from Bullseye but they don't really do justice to the actual color of the glass.


When you hit the Buy Now button you will get a list of colors to choose from in each price category. You can either click the Buy Now button and shop by price OR you can select the Buy Now button under the Color of your choice; You'll still get the drop down list to choose your color though.
There are 4 different Irids to choose from. Generally we carry Rainbow irid only but we do have black with gold & silver irid and sometimes we also  have black with the patterned.
Rainbow Gold Silver Patterned
Choose glass by Price
Price Levels*
Level A $6.50 Level B $8.65 Level C $9.70
Level D $10.80 Level E $12.95 Level F $15.10
Level EE $13.98 Level G $21.30


Choose the piece you want...you'll have to select it again from the drop down on the shopping cart page....you will select the irid color from the drop down box.

Black Irid (0100-31)


Transparent Royal blue (1114-31)

$10.80 (rainbow only)

*Prices reflect a price increase by Bullseye that took place in the spring; we did not adjust our prices at that time.



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