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Fusible Glass Bails - 90COE

(c)2007 Glass Orchids. Fusible Glass Bail, Black(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fusible Glass Bail Clear(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fusible Glass Bail(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fusible Glass Bail

Standard Colors, Clear and Black

(I'm not the best photographer in the world, sorry)


These are handmade in the U.S.A. and each is checked several times along the way for quality.  These are made from Bullseye, 90COE glass. Sorry, we only work with 90 COE glass.



See our HOW TO ARTICLE for step by step instructions on using these.

(c)2007 Glass Orchids fused glass pendant with glass baildichroic glass pendant with fusible glass bail, (c)2007 Glass Orchidsdichroic pendant with fusible glass bail, (c)2007 Glass Orchids

Examples of my pendants using both clear and black fusible glass bails


In the shopping cart you'll see a drop down box with your choice of Clear, Black or Mixed. Mixed includes one black, one clear, one green, one red and one blue bail. 90 COE

Pack of 5 $19.95 - 90COE
In the shopping cart you'll see a drop down box where you will select Clear or Black. 96COE Pack of 5 $19.95 - 96COE

New COLOR - Black on bottom w/clear on top! Perfect for those black based cabs with a clear cap. (it's added to the drop down box in the cart)

A UGotGlass Exclusive! Only available on this website.

Only available in 90COE

A dramatic effect!


(c)2008-2009 Glass Orchids, No images or text may be used without written permission from Glass Orchids.
Handmade in the U.S.A.

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