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Fusible Glass Bails - 90COE

(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fusible Glass Bail Clear(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fusible Glass Bail Black


These are wonderful little glass bails that are fired right to your glass cab, creating a lovely and unique glass pendant.

Just lay your cab on the tab, arrange it so it looks good and fuse away. Your piece will change a little as you must do more than tack fuse to insure a good bond between the cab and the bail but once fused you will have a beautiful pendant with solid glass bail. This is similar to the process used for decades by flameworkers to add a bail to flameworked pendants but now available to fusers!


Materials needed:
  • 1 (or more) fusible glass bails
  • 1 (or more) glass cabochons
  • Prepared kiln shelf



The bail comes with a piece of fiber cord in the channel. Make sure it stays in place for firing or the hole will close!


Place the bail on your kiln shelf. Set your cabochon on the foot of the bail (the little piece sticking out) and make sure it is centered. Push the bail so that it rests close to the cab for a good fuse.




Set your shelf in your kiln and close the door. Your firing schedule may vary and, as always, you'll have to do some testing to achieve your best results. In general, you'll need to fuse the two pieces enough to insure a strong connection.  My kiln full fuses at 1500 and fire polishes at 1365; I fired my pieces at 1400 and was happy with the result.  These are new so I may adjust this as I fire more of them. If in doubt, fire to a lower temp... you can always fire again if you don't like the results but if you've over fired you can't go back.....

Depending on your firing schedule, your piece and the bail will round a bit as they fire. This is normal and desirable in order to achieve a good connection between the two and to make them look like one finished piece instead of two parts.

(c)2007 Glass Orchids, fused glass pendant with glass bail(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fused pendant with fusible glass bail in black(c)2007 Glass Orchids, Fused glass pendant with fusible glass bail

Handmade in the U.S.A.
(c)2007 Glass Orchids. No images or text may be reprinted or used in any way without written permission from Glass Orchids.

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