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We recommend getting a kiln as the ONLY viable solution for firing your PMC & Glass. Let's face it, even if you shell out the bucks to buy one of the less expensive products, you are going to love PMC and Glass, so just bite the bullet and buy the darn kiln now instead of wasting your money (and time) on one of the other options which are really not good to begin with.


TORCH - eh A small butane torch is an easy way to fire PMC+ and PMC3 and is inexpensive. However, it is labor intensive and you can only fire one piece at a time. In addition, you cannot fire PMC3 with embedded glass this way. It's not a bad way to start out but we don't recommend this as your long term solution. Approx. Retail Price: $50
HOTPOT - NO I no longer sell or recommend the HotPot but only because we experienced a high instance of cracking during shipping or first firing. I loved this thing but.... it it can't get there from here...
SPEEDCONE(TM) FIRING SYSTEM - NO A fiber cone sits on top of a propane tank (small or large) and fires several pieces just like the hot pot. It's a little scarier than the HotPot. Personally I don't think this is worth using. It smells and you can only fire a few pieces at a time. I found the pieces fired were brittle after extensive testing. I would not recommend this product. Approx. Retail Price: $150.00.

Microwave Kiln - Definitely NOT


A lawsuit waiting to happen. We will not recommend OR sell this product. We spoke extensively to the manufacturer of this product down in Brazil before deciding NOT to carry it. They would not give us a straight answer about legal coverage in case of a customer accident nor about testing. It's a very alluring product and brings firing PMC and Glass to everyone but the risk is just not worth it. About $75.00
KILN - BINGO In the long run, a kiln is the best way to go. No open flame, fires all types of PMC with inclusions plus ceramics, enameling and glass. More expensive but worth the investment if you are really 'into' PMC. Price Range: $300 - $1200 depending on model. Call or email for advice.

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