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Patterned Dichroic Glass by Glass Orchids


Unfortunately Greg has had to go back to work in technology fulltime and has been unable to keep up with production of our GOX patterned glass. He is driving 3 hours a day back and forth to work and just does not have the time or energy to devote to production so we are discontinuing production for the time being. We hope to build up some inventory and then sell only what is on hand so we can ship in a timely fashion. We cannot accept any orders for this glass until further notice. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we have to accept that we can only do what we can do.

We want to thank all of  you for your support, your friendship, your patience  and your business and we do hope we will be able to resume production sometime in 2012.


UGotGlass? is proud to be able to offer you this fine line of specialty patterned dichroic glass. These exclusive patterns will broaden your pallet and excite your customers. Greg Tang creates each and every one of these patterns by hand and creates the patterned glass using a secret process. We could tell you how but then we'd have to kill you.

We have over 90* unique patterns.... some companies count the reverse of a pattern as unique so they only have 1/2 the number they advertise! We have 90+ DIFFERENT patterns. They may not be on the site so call or email to inquire about what's NEW!

Custom Dichroic Patterns now available at very reasonable rates. Small quantities available so you don't have to make a major investment. Email us to discuss your needs at: CustomPattern@UGotGlass.com

Enough chit chat.. on to the patterns.....

*some of these may not be released to the public but used in-house.


All our glass is 90COE

Other colors and sizes may be available by request. NOTE: Because we manufacture these patterns ourselves each piece is made to order; therefore immediate shipment is rarely available. We DO keep some inventory on hand so contact us to see what we have in stock if you need a rush order. Turnaround time is currently 4 - 6 weeks. Sample Paks will normally ship out right away because these are made up of inventory on hand. We select the patterns and colors that make up a sample pak. If there is a pattern you DO NOT want let us know and we'll try to accommodate you. If there is a pattern you MUST have then please order by the piece.

There is no discount based on quantity. These pieces are made by hand using a time consuming process. There is no economy of scale.

Available Colors 
Pink/Teal (fires light greenish blue) Emerald 
Cyan/Copper (fires golden yellow) Candy Apple Red
Specialty Purple Others as requested.


NOTE: the exact pattern and color will be chosen once you hit the BUY NOW button.. you will be taken to the cart and see drop down lists!
2" x 4" Pieces in standard colors on Clear @ $17.00 2" x 4" Pieces in standard colors on Black @ $18.00 2" x 4" Piece in Premium Color on Clear @$19.00

2" x 4" Piece in Premium Color on Black @$20.00

Sample Pak*: 5 2" x 4" Pieces @ $88.00
We have so many images that we've broken them down into multiple pages to ease the pain of loading!
Celestial Nature
Asian Influence Religious
Cultural Other Patterns
Geometric Patterns
Most Popular & NEW Patterns
Ferns - NEW Violets - NEW
X Country Ski  NEW Downhill Ski NEW
Snowboarding NEW Ski Trail Markers NEW
BASS CLEF Small Flamingos
Greek Fret Greek Waves
Evil Eyes BRAIN
Patterned dichroic glass. heiroglyphics patterned dichroic glass. Cave Art


Cave Art

Patterned dichroic glass. Celtic pattern. Birds & Snakes Patterned Dichroic Glass. Celtic 2. Celtic Knots

Celtic 1 - Birds & Snakes

Celtic 2 - Knots

Dichroic Glass Star Pattern patterned dichro. Asian Characters



Rose Wallpaper

Victorian Wallpaper

Custom Patterns Available



A note about Laser Dichroic patterns - there are many companies now offering dichroic glass patterns who use a laser to etch the pattern into the surface of the dichroic glass. As a dichroic glass artist myself I have obtained samples of these and tested them.  I have tested laser dichroic patterns from several different manufacturers. All the samples of laser etched dichro that I have tested were unusable. When fired uncapped by clear, the black did not even turn black but remained a smutzy looking mat grey. When fired clear capped the art glass surface surrounding the dichroic pattern didn't fire cleanly.  

Our process is one we developed in-house after years of research, testing and perfecting. In addition, all our patterns are created in-house by Greg Tang.  Some are based on historical information but even those are reworked to an extensive degree to 'work' within the context of size, media and simply to work as a pattern. Greg spends many hours painstakingly working on every single pattern before releasing it to you for your use. Our patterns are not based on public domain clip-art like many others. Because we have a proprietary process, and a talented graphic artist in Greg, we are able to provide a superior product with amazing detail. Each piece of glass is created by hand and reviewed for quality at many stages to insure you receive an exceptional piece of glass that is a work of art unto itself. I am proud to use these patterns in my own work. As I may have said in other spots on the site - I don't sell anything I won't use myself. Or as a tech support person at a leading software company once said to me 'At <big box software> we eat our own dog food'.


All designs are (c) 2003-2011 Glass Orchids. All text, graphics & images are protected by US and International Copyright and may NOT be used without written permission.
Sample Paks are created from current inventories. These are offered at a discount from purchasing individual 2" x 4" pieces.


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