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Dichroic Glass 'Stones' & PMC Supplies


So, you're a PMC or Art Clay Silver Artist who wants to fire dichroic glass cabs in place but you don't necessarily want to make your own. I've got the solution for you. You can buy them direct from the source right here.

Multi Colored Dichroic stones with Crystal Clear on top. Approx. 5 layers of dichroic glass lend these cabs great depth and color. The image does not do the cabs justice.

Large:  approx 3/4" oval or round 'stone'. Each is a one of a kind that you choose by base glass color. $12.00

Base colors available:

Cobalt, Black, Green, Aqua, Lavender, Lime, Turquoise, Orange, Red, Chartreuse, Coral, Lemon.

Single color stones capped with Crystal Clear. Many colors to choose from or buy a sample pak!

Medium:   Dot: 1/2" roundish 'stone' in one of many colors. $4.00

Small: Same look as those above but 1/4" rounds in one of 12 colors..


Sample Packs

6 1/4" rounds in assorted colors for $16.00. Randomly selected colors.

6 Dots in assorted colors for $21.50. Randomly selected colors.

6 Large 'stones' for $54.00.  Randomly selected colors.

Mixed Bag: 4 of each size stone in assorted colors for $57.00. Randomly selected colors.


Teacher Pak#1: Get enough stones to offer your students during class at a discount too.

Includes: 10 1/8" rounds, 20 1/4" rounds, 20 Dots, 10 MultiColored Stones

Randomly selected colors.



Teacher Donut Pak:

Get donuts for your students to use in their projects or just to sell to them to take home! You get them at the wholesale price by ordering in quantity.

You get 8 assorted donuts.

What can you do with a donut? Here's one idea....



How to article on including dichroic glass in PMC3



email me for custom shapes or sizes at: Glass Orchid's Cabs



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