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Fusible Decals for Glass


Fusible decals work much like decals used on windows or model cars. They come sheets and can be cut up as desired for inclusion in your work. Use decals to add a design and more depth and interest to your work. 

Fill a shallow pan with warm water. Cut out the piece of decal you wish to use from the sheet. Peel off the thin waxy layer of paper that protects the decal (not the white paper). Float the decal in the water for several minutes (not so long that it floats off the paper though). This will loosen the white paper. Pick up the decal and slide it off the white paper. Maintaining the same orientation (donít flip it up side down) slide the decal onto the glass. Use a paper towel to blot off any excess water. Do not cap the decal with glass.. the decal is the TOP. Decals must be dry before firing.

TIPS: Make sure the glass is clean to insure full adhesion. All pieces of the decal must lie flat on the glass; they will not flatten out during firing.


Preheat slowly to 1000 degrees to prevent pinholes or blisters before ramping up to final temperature. Upon reaching final temp soak the pieces for 10 minutes.

Remember, it is always better to under fire than over fire! Firing is like salt... you can always add more but once it's in there you can't get it out of the soup!!!

250 degrees per hour to 350 HOLD 20 minutes

500 Degrees per hour to 1000 HOLD 10 minutes

Full speed to 1034-1074 soak 10 minutes



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