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Art glass for fusing. We carry Bullseye fusible glass, 90COE. We have sheet glass in transparents, opals, mardi gras, streakies and more. If Bullseye makes it we have it but if we don't we can get it! We also carry stringer and frit and sell Bullseye scrap glass. If you are a beginning fuser we recommend purchasing 2 lbs of fusible art glass scrap and 4 ounces of dichroic scrap. This is an inexpensive way to get started with a lot of colors and textures.  Visit our supplies page for our Fusing starter kit!

NOTE: A $5 Box Charge will be added on all Art Glass, Dichroic Glass and kit orders except for scrap. This charge is to help defray the ever increasing cost of labor and packaging materials required to box your glass carefully so that it arrives on your door step in good shape. This charge will not show on the shopping cart invoice but will be added manually by us.

Art Glass Scrap
Student Glass Pack Assortment 8 4" x 5" pieces of art glass as follows: 2 black, 2 clear, 1 deep royal blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 fancy clear*. NOT SCRAP but pieces cut from sheets. A great assortment of colors to start with! $23.00

Fancy clear means it is Mardi Gras or Fractures and Streamers glass.

Add 4 ounces of mixed dichroic scrap to my Student Glass Pack Assortment! If you wanted the Fusing Starter Glass Pack (but we were out of stock) then add this to the above item and you'll be good to go! $29.00
Fusible Art Glass Scrap. $8.00 per pound. 90COE

You will get an assortment of colors in each lot. Packages may contain some 1.5mm, 3mm, Irids, Cathedrals, Opaques, Streamers etc... Pieces range in size from very small to larger. Scrap is randomly packed but we do our best to balance each order so you get a good selection. However, if you need a particular color please order an 8" x 10" piece.

NOTE: Scrap glass, by nature, consists of bits and pieces of glass in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from 1/2" bits to 6" x 3".  The more you buy the larger your pieces will be because we try to give a good selection and need smaller pieces to fill smaller orders. Scrap is filled from what's on hand so the variety will change constantly. Our scrap is the byproduct of our own jewelry business. It consists of the strips and pieces left over when we cut our glass to make our own jewelry and when we cut full sheets into 8" x 10"'s for resale.

PACKAGING: Glass scrap is packed in ZipLocks and then wrapped in bubble wrap. By it's nature it contains uneven, jagged pieces of glass. This may cause the packaging to tear.  Pieces may rub together in shipping and thus, may contain small bits of glass. This is unavoidable. Please take care when unwrapping your scrap glass. IF THIS CONCERNS YOU PLEASE PURCHASE 8" X 10" PIECES, NOT SCRAP.

Art Glass Sample Paks:

Now buy smaller pieces of art glass and get more color choices for your $$$! Each pak includes 4 4" x 5" pieces.

Warm Pak:  Includes 4 pieces selected from the following (depending on current stock): Red, Sunset Coral, Medium Amber, Yellow, Sienna, Lt. Amber and Orange. $13.00
Cool Pak: Includes 4 pieces selected from the following (depending on current stock): Deep Royal Blue, Lt. Aqua, Aqua, Egyptian Blue, Lt. Sky blue, Steel Blue, Midnight Blue, Neo-lavendar,Turquoise, Kelly Green and Spring Green. $11.50
Clear pak: A random selection of 4 clears from among our stock of clears, including at least 1 fractures and streamers, 1 mardi gras and 1 streamers. $15.10
PMC Tested Color Pak: Art Glass Pack for PMC users. These colors have been tested and did not to react with silver in our tests. 4 pieces of 4" x 5" in randomly selected colors from the following: Crystal Clear, Deep Royal blue, Turquoise, Aqua, Spring Green, Black, Kelly Green, New Lavendar. You will get 1 clear, 1 black and 2 other colors. These are 3mm NOT THIN. $16.00


Stringer - 1mm, Assorted Colors in a tube. 90COE.

stringer in assorted colors

You'll get one 7 ounce tube of Bullseye 90COE assorted stringers. They come in this assortment from the factory and have lots of great colors. 18" stringers.$23.94

Bullseye Art Glass

8" x 10" Pieces, Standard Thickness 3mm*   Some thin is in stock so do ask!


Cathedrals, i.e. Transparent Glass



Opaque Glass



Fun Glass: Mardi gras, streakies, fractures and streamers etc....



Iridescent Art Glass



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