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Using E6000


So many people as me about how to use E6000 that I thought I'd just put it here. If you search various discussion boards online you'll find lots of folks who say E6000 doesn't work. Well, those people are wrong and the mistake they made was to actually read the instructions on the tube; what were they thinking!!??

There are a few tricks to  using it and I'll let you in on them here. This is going to be in a somewhat narrative form because there's just a lot to say.....

First, take your finding and put a small glob of glue on it. The glue will keep coming out of the tube after you stop pressing so put the glue on the finding and then put the lid on right away. Now this may seem tricky because, afterall, you have the finding in one hand and the tube in the other. Not to worry, put the cap on the table when you're working with the open side facing up... then you just have to stick the opening of the tube into the opening of the cap... you don't have to screw it down.

How much glue do you use? Many people don't use enough and then the stone will fall off the finding. You want to use enough so that some glue squeezes out from under the finding and forms a mechanical lock as well as an adhesive one. BUT not so much glue that the back of your piece looks like a 5 year old did it.  It should form a nice even 'ring' around your finding. It's like Goldilocks and the three Bears... you need it to be 'just right'.

OK, you have glue on your finding. Now, press the finding onto the glass. Move it so that it's just where you want it and press it down firmly. Clean up any raggedy looking glue NOW. It'll be too late later.


You're done.


  1. Don't get glue on the front of your piece if you have dichro side up as you'll never get it off.

  2. Don't wash the back of your piece with soap. It may leave a film that will resist the glue.

  3. E6000 won't stick to the dichroic surface so don't fire dichro side down.

  4. E6000 won't stick to iridized glass. If you have irid on the back you'll have to grind off the spot where the finding will be.

  5. Keep your  hands clean. This is the hard part! Wipe your hands all the time or you'll get glue all over your pieces and they will be a mess. I wear special 'glue' clothes when I'm gluing a lot. Then I wipe my hands (yes Mom) right on my clothes.

I've used E6000 since I started in 1998 and have only had a few pieces come apart AND those were my fault. The came apart because I glued in the AM and left for a show a few hours later. What did I say? DON'T MOVE IT, DON'T LOOK AT IT, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE PIECE FOR 24 HOURS.

I've had people send pieces back because they broke them or wanted me to change posts to clip-ons.  I've had to pry the finding off with pliers and a razor. If you can't get all the glue off, don't worry, it will burn off in the kiln (when re-firing to repair). Use ventilation. Otherwise, work with those pliers and razor till you get it all off OR cover up the remainder with more glue and the new finding <ha>......one has to be practical.




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