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Using our Belt Buckle Mold & Finding


In this project we will use the belt buckle mold and belt buckle findings to create two beautiful belt buckles suitable for both men and women.  Feel free to use this project with your students as long as you give me credit. Discounts available on molds for teachers when you purchase 6 or more....we can't do this automatically so inquire.



What you'll need:
  • The Combination Belt Buckle Mold
  • Two belt buckle findings
  • Broken bits of sheet glass - Art and/or Dichroic (scrap works well)
  • Frit and stringer if you want
  • A grinder
  • E6000


Buy our belt buckle kit which includes the mold, findings and E6000 at a discount.



NOTE: Your mold should be prepared beforehand with kiln wash. I use a small brush to get into the detail areas.

SORRY I don't have all the intermediate steps in photos but it's really a no-brainer.... I'll add more when I can.


1] You can either a] Fill the mold with bits of scrap art and dichroic glass OR b] Cut a rectangle of art glass (in whatever color you want) that just fits in the bottom of the indent. For a circle I'd just use bits of glass.. it's ok if they overlap each other because when they melt they'll be all one thing.

I placed a rectangle of black glass on the bottom of this one that just fit in the bottom of the mold indent. The I filled it with bits of dichroic and art glass.

2] Fill the mold with bits of dichroic glass, art glass, stringer and/or frit (or all of them).

3] Cut a piece of clear glass that fits over the top OR not; depends if you want a clear cap or not.  It's easier to NOT put a clear cap as the pile of glass is bumpy but you can balance it there if you work at it.  I DID put a clear cap on mine.

4] Full fuse at whatever temp your kiln full fuses at. I held for 1/2 hour in a kiln that I normally hold for 10 minutes for jewelry.  The extra time is to allow the glass to really melt down and smooth out the top.  NOTE TO SELF: The top you see IS the top of your buckle -- sometimes with a mold the top is the bottom!!!

5] More than likely you will have to grind down the edges to remove any sharp bits and to fit the glass piece nicely into the mold.  It might fit the first time you pop it out of the kiln and if it does bully for you! I had to grind mine <smile>.  After grinding, fire polish (in a kiln that full fuses at 1540, I fire polish at 1400 and hold for 10 minutes).

NOTE: This is a large, thick piece so DO NOT crash cool or peek until the kiln reaches 100 degrees on the cool down cycle.  It is best to start fire polishing with a cool kiln as well or it might get too hot too quickly and crack your piece.

6] Now you have a lovely fire polished and fitted belt buckle cab and a sturdy belt buckle finding. Time for them to be joined. Put E6000 on the back of the cab and squish it down onto the finding. Don't use too much or it will squeeze out the sides making for a very ugly thing. See the article on using E6000 if you haven't already.




belt buckle mold for glass  

Prepared mold filled with glass. NOTE: You can and should fill both sides of the mold before firing. I did, I just didn't get a photo.


fused dichroic glass belt buckle fused glass belt buckle round    
Finished Rectangular Belt Buckle


Finished Round Belt Buckle    

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